For Businesses with Monthly Expenses Between


$0 – $5k


$130/m Prepaid Annually

$140/m Prepaid Monthly

For Businesses with Monthly Expenses Between


$5 – $15k


$170/m Prepaid Annually

$190/m Prepaid Monthly

For Businesses with Monthly Expenses Between


$15 – $35k


$230/m Prepaid Annually

$255/m Prepaid Monthly

For Businesses with Monthly Expenses More Than

$35k +

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Standard Bookkeeping Services

QuickBooks Online/Xero subscription
Transaction entry
Bank/credit card statement reconciliations
Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows
Up to 1 hour/month of phone/video chat support
Unlimited email support

Additional Services Available:

Accounts Payable
Bill Pay
Accounts Receivable
Profitability Advising
Sales Tax
1099 issuance

Fix Your Books  |  Price Varies

Through this package, I will go back over your books for the past year and fix and/or organize them so that you can be set to move forward on the path to success.  Once your books are organized, I can provide training to help you maintain your books on your own, or continue to care for your books myself. 

Once you have a full consultation with me, I will be able to determine an accurate custom quote, based on your particular bookkeeping needs.


Free Bookkeeping Strategy Session

Virtual Bookkeeping – What Is It?

A bookkeeper who works virtually can live in the same town as you or halfway across the world! All that is needed is for both of you to have an internet connection and a way to communicate with each other.

The bookkeeping software, documents, files, etc. are all stored in the cloud. There is nothing to download onto your computer, you don’t have to back up your files, and you can use any computer or mobile device to access your information. (Here is some more information about computing in the cloud.)

No more shoe boxes or manila envelopes stuffed with receipts. Simply take a picture with your phone or scan with a scanner and upload the image to the cloud, where it can be stored and retrieved by whoever needs it.

What Does It “Look Like”?

On your end of things, it is quite easy! There is a phone app that is easy to use, and when you have a receipt for an expense, you simply take a picture and upload it to our secure online storage system.

As part of the setup process, we connect your bank to the accounting software in the cloud (I highly recommend Xero), and the transactions automatically enter the software for me to categorize and reconcile. This does not give me access to your bank accounts, so I am not able to transfer money or do anything to your actual bank account. Banks simply send out the transaction information (called a “bank feed”) so that the software can pick it up. That’s the information I use on my end.

You and I communicate back and forth when we need to about transactions. This can be done via email or even from within the software itself!

Both Xero and QuickBooks Online have mobile apps you can use that integrate with the main software, which make them even more portable.

Both also integrate with lots of other software: POS systems, time sheets, payment processors, you name it! I will help you figure out what other tools you may need and whether they will integrate directly with the accounting software you choose to use. Again, all this integration takes place in the cloud, so there is nothing to download, update, or store.

But What About Security?  You Ask.

I take a number of security measures. All my clients’ data is confidential and secured behind bank-level 256-Bit encryption, and my business’s bookkeeping computer is protected by Bitdefender’s Total Security — the top security software to date.

Do You Like How This Sounds?

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Free Bookkeeping Strategy Session

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