Helping Tourism Businesses Be More Profitable And Efficient Financially

Does this sound like you as a business owner…

You give everything you have but rarely take. As more money flows in, you continue to pay yourself very little.

You get plenty of customers and clients – You know how to make money, but you feel like you have a hard time holding onto that money.

You don’t have a good, detailed financial plan.

Being Profitable Requires A Plan

Profitability = Financial Freedom!

I am certain with a good bookkeeping plan, every business can be profitable.

How is this done?

How do you achieve *profits of up to 70 percent of real revenue?

By having a good bookkeeping plan.

What you’re doing is not working – we all know the quote, to continue doing this is insanity!

You and your business needs to change.

Change means to create a money management system that gives you CLARITY. One that takes temptation away while rewarding you with higher pay and a growing profit.

A new plan that does not leave you vulnerable at tax time.

*referring to net income (what most businesses consider profit). This includes owner pay, taxes, and true profit – everything above your operating expenses.

A Good Bookkeeping Plan Helps You To

Believe you can be successful.

Believe you can pay yourself well.

Believe you can have a few months worth of expenses, in case of an emergency.

Believe you can take a bonus every quarter.

Believe you will not be stressed out during tax season.

Believe you can and will be debt free.

Believe you can accumulate wealth.

Believe you can have that financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

And believe that the beginning of a great future starts by asking Stones of Yellowstone for Bookkeeping help.

Feeling Inspired to Make A Change?

Click the button below to schedule a time to speak with me about where you are in your business and how to create a path to where you want to be in your business.

This call is ZERO pressure. We’ll dig into your business and profitability so we can figure out what your next steps need to be moving forward.

Free Bookkeeping Strategy Session

Bookkeeping Is Tedious

Bookkeeping is a drag.

Do you often ask yourself, “Why am I doing this anyway?”

You remind yourself…taxes.

You feel your time should be focused more on caring for your business and it’s customers, not on the nitty-gritty details of every financial transaction – this is why it feels so boring and frustrating.

Having a good bookkeeper could be the missing link for your business’s quality, growth, and financial success.

Let’s play a little game (short video)


Good Bookkeeping Is The Key To Success

A typical bookkeeper will only do books with taxes in mind. For most business owners only have this in mind, too.

Here’s where Stones of Yellowstone Bookkeeping is different:

I’ve got your profit on the brain!

I don’t just want your business to get by. I want your business serving you, paying you, and giving you bonuses on a regular basis so you can go on the vacation of your dreams or buy those $200 shoes you’ve had your eye on!

And even with that, you will still have money to pay taxes and cover your monthly bills.

Using Stones of Yellowstone to do you books, you will see your profits accumulating in your account.

You will be ready to take on taxes no matter what time of the year they hit.

Your business will serve you – paying you a good salary, and on top of that, paying quarterly profit distributions.

You will have your business receipts filed away so if you do ever get audited, you can karate chop your way out.

You will be able to talk with your bookkeeper every month, and receive easy-to-understand, one-page financial stories that show how your business is doing.

Let’s Do This!

If you’d like to see how Stones of Yellowstone Bookkeeping can help whip your business into shape, click the button below to schedule a time to speak with me.

This session is ZERO pressure. We’ll simply dig into your business’s bookkeeping practice and see where we can improve on what you’ve got. Bring your questions, I’m happy to answer them all!

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Free Bookkeeping Strategy Session


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