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Hello and welcome to my site about traveling to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons and the surrounding areas and also to my bookkeeping business site.

My name is Jordan Stone. I’m an adventurous, nature-loving gal, wife of a wonderful husband, and a busy momma of 2 young kids. We currently live in Yellowstone National Park, and as of 2017 we’ve lived here for 4 years. Our plan is to be here for many years to come.    Yay!

Now, I’m no newbie to this area. My history with the park goes back nearly 30 years. I grew up in a small town just miles from one of the entrances. Many of my middle and high school years were spent competing in sports against the West Yellowstone Wolverines and the Gardiner Bruins. Growing up, my family was always out and about exploring, hiking, fishing, boating, skiing, snowshoeing, sightseeing, you name it. If it involved being in the great outdoors enjoying all that it has to offer, then my family was there in the middle of it!

The exciting news came in 2013 when I found out my husband and I would be moving to Yellowstone indefinitely. It would totally be an understatement to say I was absolutely ECSTATIC by this news! I’ve always viewed this Yellowstone area as magical and wondrous. The thought of this glorious outdoor setting being called “my home” exponentially expanded my great love for the area. Our move has and is becoming my lifelong adventure. It’s safe to say I’ve spent much of these last several years really getting to know the area in a deeper level – finding out those secrets “only locals know.” Now, I’m here to share them with you in my blog.

I so often have to pinch myself and ask, “How did I become so blessed to have the opportunity to experience such an awesome place to live sun up to sun down, on a day to day basis?”

Due to my exploring, familiarity, and simple love-filled respect and enjoyment of this area, I come to you sharing insights to the many must-sees and best-kept secrets of Yellowstone National Park and its outlying territories.

So what are you waiting for?      LET’S GET EXPLORING


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